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Hitachi Connected Technology

Hitachi Connected Technology (HCT) offers you a range of market-leading 3D machine control, special attachments and safety solutions to enhance the efficiency and safety of your Hitachi equipment.

HCT works closely with your choice of approved supplier to ensure that installations on your new machines are carried out to the highest standard. Fitted by our manufacturer-trained engineers, all additional systems are supported by both HCT and the manufacturer for total peace of mind.

Machine Control

Machine Control workflows improve the accuracy, efficiency, and profitability of your Hitachi excavator. HCMUK have partnered with Machine Control systems from Leica, Topcon & Trimble on Hitachi models ZX95-7 and up.


Want to make your Hitachi excavator even more productive? Experienced operators using Tiltrotators estimate a productivity improvement between 20-35% depending on the application. HCMUK have partnered with Steelwrist, Engcon and Rototilt to provide you with specialised market-leading attachment solutions for your excavator.

Safety Solutions by Xwatch & Safety Shield

Xwatch Height/slew restrictors and RCI systems on your Hitachi excavator gives you piece of mind that the machine is fully compliant when operating in safety critical applications where space is at a premium and the excavator has the potential to contact any hazards above or below ground.

Safety Shield is the most advanced AI human form recognition safety system available on the market, and the only AI collision avoidance system with a 99.6% accuracy rate.

Hydraulic Attachments

Our range of hydraulic attachments are perfectly suited to the full range of Hitachi mini excavators, medium excavators, and large size excavators. They can be fitted and maintained professionally by our fully trained Hitachi engineers to ensure a continued high level of performance.

HCT Aftermarket

HCT is also available for other new equipment in your fleet, including other brands of excavators, and other types of machinery. We can also retrofit HCT solutions to the current operated equipment in your fleet. Our specially trained engineers can come to you, on site for your added convenience.

HCT Rental offers you the opportunity to hire some products on a short or long-term basis to suit your project needs. This gives you additional flexibility to meet the varying demands of your business.

The options available are installed by our trained engineers on site for your convenience and peace of mind. You can choose from the following:

– Leica Geosystems cab kit
– Optional extras including SmartNet
– ConX for remote support and data transfer

In addition, Leica Geosystems base kits are available through HCT on your new and used machinery, making your equipment 3D machine control ready.

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We purchased our machines with the specification of tilt rotators, 3D machine technology, and height and slew restrictors. We bought these machines through HCMUK and the biggest benefit was that it is a one stop shop, which meant we have no down time with retrofitting the equipment and we could finance the machines through one provider, rather than splitting it up. Another benefit is we go to one place for any service or warranty issues, and we don’t get any downtime due to the reliability of these machines.

John Moriarty – Production Director at McDermotts
Testimonial from John Moriarty – Production Director at McDermotts

It has been 100% to our advantage that we opted for HCT’s one-stop shop approach rather than using a third party. Jake and the HCMUK team have been so impressive, and the whole process – from specification to installation and training – has been outstanding. “Everyone has dedicated their time and effort to answer our questions, and ensure we are happy and understood all aspects of the operation. We’ve really appreciated this excellent service, which is a different league to anything we’ve experienced before! We are so pleased that we have had the same HCT systems retrofitted on to one of our older excavators.

Gary Caddick - Operations Director at BCL Groundworks
Testimonial from Gary Caddick - Operations Director at BCL Groundworks

HCT is a one-stop shop for all our needs, and we benefit from the in-house knowledge and expertise

Colm Kilroy - Director at Carmac Building & Civil Engineering
Testimonial from Colm Kilroy - Director at Carmac Building & Civil Engineering