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Ultra Large Excavators

Hitachi Ultra Large Excavators

Hitachi Construction Machinery is renowned for the 120- to 800-tonne EX mining models (backhoe or front shovel), which have an exceptional loading and excavating capacity. With powerful yet economical engines, on-board satellite communication systems and easily accessible inspection points, you can rely on Hitachi large excavators to work reliably, with low running costs.

Features & Benefits

Designed for Productivity

The EX-7 series of excavators embrace Hitachi’s latest advancements
in design, performing consistently to meet the tough demands of
the mining industry.

Designed for Safety

At Hitachi, safety is paramount. This design philosophy, which has
evolved over years of experience, is implemented in the EX-7 range layout to create a safer and more maintainable machine.

Designed for Operator Comfort

The EX-7 range is engineered with a superior level of comfort for an
operator experience like no other. The ergonomic layout, intelligent
Multi-Functional Display, and enhanced climate control system create an
operating environment that lessens fatigue and increases productivity.

Useful information

When To Use A Ultra Large Excavator?

Ultra-large excavators satisfy the demands for reliability and durability to offer stable operation in various environments.

The Hitachi ultra-large excavators, with powerful yet economical engines, onboard satellite communication systems and easily accessible inspection points, have been developed to meet the demand for machines with a greater capacity for excavation and loading, and unprecedented levels of performance. You can rely on Hitachi excavators to work reliably, with low running costs.

How Much Does A Ultra Large Excavator Cost?

Prices are dependent on the model and condition of the ultra-large excavator.

To discuss your options and find out more about our ultra-large excavators get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Hitachi Construction Machinery UK?

Hitachi Construction Machinery offers a range of excavators and wheel loaders, all of which are built to deal with demanding tasks and perform on a variety of challenging terrain.

We offer a selection of new and used machinery and provide financial options to make your purchase as affordable as possible.

What Hitachi Ultra Large Excavator Finance Options Are Available To Me?

At Hitachi Construction Machinery UK, we want to offer as much support as we can to our customers. Zaxis Finance has enabled us to provide flexible financing solutions for both our new and used machines.

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