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Ultra Large Excavators

Hitachi Ultra Large Excavators

The Hitachi EX-6 series of ultra large excavators have been developed to meet the demand for machines with a greater capacity for excavation and loading, and unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and availability. To meet huge annual production targets, the bucket capacity has been optimised and the reach of the front attachment has been shortened. The engine output has also been boosted to significantly increase production capacity and efficiency.

They can also be supplied with an optional interface for the worlds leading PC-based mini management system – manufactured by WENCO (Hitachi group company), which help to effectively control a mine’s mobile assets for enhanced productivity, availability and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Impressive Productivity

The new hydraulic system and enhanced fundamental performance boost productivity and fuel economy.

High Durability Means Long-Lasting Product Value

Strengthened undercarriage for higher durability even in heavy-duty applications.

Enhanced Operator Comfort

Alongside excellent visibility, the spacious cab is ergonomically designed to improve operator comfort and reduce fatigue.

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