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Hitachi Large Excavators

The Hitachi large excavator range is the world’s market leader, providing unrivalled build quality and engineering excellence, resulting in the most durable and productive machines on any site. These excavators are tough enough and powerful enough for the most demanding of environments for bulk earthmoving and quarrying and mining. Search through our range to find your ideal machine.

Features & Benefits

In Control of Your Comfort

Feel the difference – Hitachi’s redesigned, state-of-the-art Zaxis-7 excavator cab gives you the perfect working environment. Easy operation comes from the new ergonomic design of the console and switches, and convenient access to controls. You can navigate quickly through the menu on the 8” LCD monitor and the refreshed layout offers a clear display and desirable functionality such as air conditioning, DAB+ radio and Bluetooth.

In Control of Your Environment

Increase your safety – Your ability to work safely is vital, not only for your own wellbeing, but also for the successful completion of any project. To protect yourself and your machines from potential hazards, the new Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators give you superior view of your surroundings. The visibility you enjoy from the cab includes an exceptional 270-degree birds-eye view with the Aerial Angle camera system. You can choose from six image options to view the machines immediate environment, which enables you to control your own safety, as well as that of those around you.


In Control of Your Assets

Boost your uptime – Completing a project on time and on budget depends on the ability of your construction equipment to perform all day, every day. That’s why Hitachi owners have profited from generations of ultra-reliable and durable machinery – and the Zaxis-7 is no exception. A wide range of durable new components have been fitted to the latest Stage-V compliant machines – even down to the detail of the rigidity of the door hinges. Now standard on our Zaxis-7 range is a high-performance hydraulic filter to capture any dust in the hydraulic oil and help to reduce running costs.

In Control of Your Fleet

Manage your machine – Hitachi offers a wide range of after-sales services to help you feel in total control of your fleet and workload. These initiatives give you access to vital data and tools to manage your machine. Remote monitoring systems Global e-Service and ConSite send operational data daily via GPRS or satellite from your excavator to

This includes ratios of operating hours to enhance efficiency; fuel consumption to manage running costs; and machine location for planning purposes. ConSite summarises the information in a monthly email.

In Control of Your Business

Improve your profit – You can look forward to increasing profits thanks to the impressive fuel economy of these Stage-V compliant machines. Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, the new TRIAS III, ensures that this incredible level of performance is achieved in every application.


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