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Genuine Parts

Whether you have a new Hitachi machine or an older model, we offer a wide range of parts to suit your budget.

We put the same attention to detail and technological expertise into our parts as we do our machines. So you can be sure that they will give you the same level of reliability, durability and quality. And as a result, your machine runs with an optimum performance, lower maintenance costs, minimal unscheduled downtime, and ultimately achieves a higher resale value.

Pins & Bushes

To ensure that your construction equipment remains working in a straight line you must keep the seals, linkages, pins and bushes in top condition.

As these vital components degrade, play becomes apparent in the boom, arm and bucket resulting in a lack of quality in the finished work and an overall deterioration in the machines productivity and efficiency.

You should consider investing in the best possible option for your machine to avoid having to replace alternative pins and bushes sooner than it is necessary.

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Filters & Lubricants

Hitachi genuine filters are designed specifically for your Hitachi machine ensuring optimum performance levels and to minimise any potential, unscheduled downtime.

The superior quality of genuine Hitachi filters will ensure maximum filtration and keep your components lasting longer.

The key benefits of Hitachi genuine filters are:

  • Maximum filtration
  • Less downtime
  • Optimum productivity
  • Warranty remains valid

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Undercarriage/Rubber Tracks

The full range of steel and rubber undercarriage components for your Hitachi machine are available to order from your regional depot with parts for the most popular models available off the shelf or next day.

Available for a range of Hitachi midi and mini excavators, our tracks have been fully tested and inspected and offer exceptional reliability, durability, and ride comfort.

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