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Hitachi Mini Excavators

The Hitachi mini excavators offer the same optimal user comfort as well as superior durability, reliability and versatility as our medium and large excavators. Fuel-efficient, providing unrivalled performance and productivity, the mini excavators are an asset to any work site.

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Features & Benefits

Short Rear-End Swing Radius

Providing additional flexibility to manoeuvre and operate within tight, confined spaces. Easy trench excavation work is possible near walls, foundations and other obstacles, improving productivity in urban areas.

Wide Opening Steel Inspection Covers

Hitachi mini excavators offer direct access to service points, allowing for quick daily inspection, servicing, cleaning and refuelling, with the radiator and oil coolers positioned side by side for convenience. An optional tilting device for the floor of the cab provides even greater access for service and maintenance procedures.

Excellent Residual Values

With a worldwide after-sales network.

Rugged Cab

Designed to ROPS standard and fitted with flat easy replicable glass. A seatbelt, pilot control shut-off lever, swing parking brake and travel parking brake are all standard.

High Machine Performance

Provided by Hitachi closed centre load sensing hydraulic system. The HHH (Hitachi High-performance Hydraulic) system allows for smooth multi-function operation, regardless of the load.

Multifunctional LCD monitor

A large 3.5-inch screen that is easy to view in bright sunlight or at night. This enables you to see the machine’s technical data at a glance, including status and settings and is positioned within easy reach of your right hand.

Auto-Shift Traveling in High Travel Mode

The auto speed change system shifts down travel speed when the load exceeds a certain limit (for instance, when going downhill), and shifts up when the load is less. This gives smoother operations when dozing and turning, and also reduces track wear.

Auto Idle

When moving the control lever to neutral, the Auto Idle automatically reduces engine speed to an idling level four seconds later, reducing fuel consumption. It also brings the additional benefits of lower noise levels and emissions.

Neutral Engine Start System

Disabling the mini excavators’ engine starting unless the lever is in the lock position.

Hose Rupture Valves to Boom and Dipper

Prevents the boom and dipper from dropping in the event of a hose rupture. Offering additional safety and compliance on job sites whilst using Hitachi mini excavators.

Air Conditioning

Improving operator comfort and reducing operator exposure to dust and fatigue.

CTFleet Link®

An industry first, CTFleet Link® is the perfect solution for your fleet management requirements. Designed exclusively by Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK), this mixed-fleet telematics system allows you to monitor the performance and location of your Hitachi equipment in real time, as well as any other machinery in your fleet.

In addition to important operational data such as idling time and fuel usage, access to the CTFleet Link® online portal also gives you live data from any Xwatch Safety Solutions system fitted to the machine, when paired with our CTFleet Link® telematics device. Utilising both the Hitachi API and a bespoke API developed by HCMUK, all Zaxis-6 mini excavators are fitted with CTFleet Link® as standard (three-year subscription included). CTFleet Link® also allows you to connect and monitor all your other OEM equipment, from small tooling and ancillary plant up to the largest equipment in your fleet.


Useful information

When To Use a Mini Excavator?

Mini excavators bring power to small places and are perfect for a variety of tasks including digging, demolishing and trenching. Due to their smaller and compact size, they are typically used for small to medium-sized projects. Mini diggers are used for a variety of purposes including digging, trenching, backfilling, levelling, grading and even drilling. A versatile piece of equipment, with a 1 to 8-tonne capacity, mini excavators provide additional flexibility to manoeuvre and operate within tight, confined spaces.

Easy to operate, with a comfortable cab, Hitachi mini excavators allow you to get the job done efficiently without disturbing the surroundings.

If you’re interested in purchasing Hitachi mini excavators contact the team today!

How Much Does A Mini Excavator Cost?

Prices are dependent on the model and condition of the mini excavator.

To discuss your options and find out more about our mini diggers, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Hitachi Construction Machinery UK?

Hitachi Construction Machinery offers a range of excavators and wheel loaders, all of which are built to deal with demanding tasks and perform on a variety of challenging terrain.

We offer a selection of new and used machinery and provide financial options to make your purchase as affordable as possible.

What Hitachi Mini Excavator Finance Options Are Available To Me?

At Hitachi Construction Machinery UK, we want to offer as much support as we can to our customers. Zaxis Finance has enabled us to provide flexible financing solutions for both our new and used machines.