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Telescopic Excavation

Telescopic Excavation

Telescopic Excavation

Why Hitachi for Telescopic Excavation

A clamshell telescopic arm has been fitted to two Hitachi Zaxis excavators for the removal of soil from up to 30m below ground level. The ZX210LC-6 has a 0.8m3 capacity clamshell bucket with a digging depth of 21.2m. While there are two variants available on the ZX350LC-6, a 1.30m3 capacity clamshell with digging depth of 25m, and a 1.55m3 capacity clamshell with dig depth of 30m. These special application machines will also load trucks quickly and efficiently thanks to the arm’s high-speed extension and retraction, and powerful pull-up force.

Key Telescopic Excavation Machines

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