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Hitachi Wheel Loader

You’re at the heart of Hitachi’s design for its latest range of wheel loaders, also known as front-end loaders. To continuously improve on previous generation machines, we’ve focused on enhancing your experience in the cab as an operator by providing you with a range of high-quality wheel loaders to choose from.

We’ve considered the challenges you face as the owner of a successful business, and we’ve zoomed in on the ways in which we can support you over the life cycle of your machine. By putting you at the heart of the ZW-7 wheel loader range, we invite you to take control of your workspace and your fleet. And by working in partnership, we will help you to create your vision.

Search through our range of Hitachi front-end loaders to find the ideal machine for your specific job requirements.

Features & Benefits

Improve your profit

The success of your business depends on the reliability and
efficiency of your construction machinery. With Hitachi’s latest
ZW-7 wheel loaders, you can count on the highest quality, the
ultimate in operating comfort and reduced running costs – all of
which will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Feel the difference

Hitachi’s redesigned, state-of-the-art ZW-7 cab gives you the
perfect working environment. The ultra-spacious ZW220-7
offers you an industry-leading, first-class cab with the ultimate
comfort and quality, as well as some of the lowest noise and
vibration levels in the market. Hitachi front end loaders have been designed and shaped to carry large quantities of debris both on and off-road with large wheels making them suitable for a range of environments.

Increase your safety

Your ability to work safely is vital, not only for your own
well-being but also for the successful completion of any project.
To protect yourself and your machine from potential hazards,
the new Hitachi ZW-7 wheel loaders give you a superior view of
your surroundings, so you can see the job site from all angles.

The visibility you enjoy from the cab includes an exceptional
270-degree bird’s-eye view with the Aerial Angle® camera

Boost your uptime

Completing a project on time and on budget depends on the
ability of your construction equipment to perform all day, every
day. That’s why Hitachi owners have profited from generations of
ultra-reliable and durable machinery – and the ZW-7 range is no


Useful information

How Does A Wheel Loader Work?

A Wheel loader works by using the arms attached to lift and lower the bucket which is used to scope either debris, gravel, soil or whatever it is that needs to be transported. The bucket sizes allow for a large capacity and therefore are an effective machine for clearing debris in whatever environment it is being used in. The large wheels on the front end loaders also make it a very versatile machine as it can be used in different environments and has no difficulties on roads.

How Much Does A Wheel Loader Cost?

Prices are dependent on the model and condition of the wheel loader.

To discuss your options and find out more about our wheel loaders get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Hitachi Construction Machinery UK?

Hitachi Construction Machinery offers a range of excavators and wheel loaders, all of which are built to deal with demanding tasks and perform on a variety of challenging terrain.

We offer a selection of new and used machinery and provide financial options to make your purchase as affordable as possible.

What Hitachi Wheel Loader Finance Options Are Available To Me?

At Hitachi Construction Machinery UK, we want to offer as much support as we can to our customers. Zaxis Finance has enabled us to provide flexible financing solutions for both our new and used machines.

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