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Fleet Management

Designed exclusively by Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK), CTFleet Link® is a mixed-fleet telematics system, which utilises both the Hitachi API and a bespoke API developed by HCMUK. CTFleet Link® gives you access to a live online portal to monitor the performance and location of not just your Hitachi equipment in real time but also those of other manufacturers you may have in your fleet.

An industry first, CTFleet Link® also delivers live data into the portal from any Xwatch Safety Solutions system fitted to the machine, when paired with our CTFleet Link® telematics device.

CTFleet Link® is the perfect solution for your fleet management requirements, not only is it compatible with your Hitachi assets from ZX-5 through to the latest ZX-7 excavators, it is also the perfect companion for your other OEM equipment from small tooling and ancillary plant, up to the largest equipment in your fleet.

All new ZX-6 mini excavators supplied by HCMUK are fitted with the CTB1 telematics device as standard complete with a 36-month subscription to the CTFleet Link® portal. Reporting not only live location and operating hours, but CTFleet Link® also gives you the ability to trace the machine’s movements and set a geofence around the machine receiving any breach alerts by text or email 24/7.

Future developments will incorporate an operator daily walkaround inspection app, designed for operators to use on their smartphones. This will enable them to check the safety of their Hitachi machines before they start work and submit an electronic report to their company’s office in seconds.

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Benefits of using CTFleet Link®

  • Real-time reporting of machine location, operating hours and engine performance data.
  • Remote real-time monitoring of Xwatch Safety Solutions and other safety-critical devices.
  • Easy access to complete service history – all your Hitachi documents from job reports to annual inspection certificates can be uploaded to the CTFleet Link® portal, reducing the need for emails.
  • Remote activation of machine geofencing and tracking machine movements – receive breach alerts 24/7 via text or email.
  • API integration.

Global e-Service

With access to the Hitachi Global e-Service Owners site you can monitor your machines performance and location remotely 24/7.

Monitoring and analysing the data supplied by Global e-Service will help you to:

  • Increase machine productivity
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Maximise availability
  • Reduce running costs

ConSite Data Report

ConSite’ s monthly data report service provides you with a working record of your machine via e-mail or smartphone once a month.

In case of a machine critical alarm, ConSite can detect the urgency of information using an intelligent filtering system and alert you immediately via email.

ConSite Pocket

  • Receive machine alerts straight to your smartphone in real-time as machine issues arise.
  • Keep on top of it all with the ability to always locate your machines out in the field.
  • Download your monthly machine reports straight to your smartphone anytime and from anywhere.

To use ConSite Pocket, register with Global e-Service and ConSite, download the app (iOS / Android) and login to get started.

ConSite Oil

  • Sensors constantly monitor the condition of engine and hydraulic oil in real time.
  • If oil deterioration is detected, ConSite Oil will send an alert to the customer via the Consite Pocket app and email.
  • Oil condition can also be monitored in Global e Service Owners Site.


Jack Moody Group uses the ConSite Data to evaluate how operators are using the equipment. When we are screening our finished product what we tend to find is we can evaluate how efficient that piece of equipment is working, and we can compare and contrast across different sites using the same equipment in the same operation. This gives us a tremendous amount of information and data in order to make our business more efficient.

Robert Moody, Managing Director – Jack Moody Group