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Suitable For:
ZH200-5, ZH200LC, ZH210-5B, ZH210K-5B, ZH210LC, ZH210LC-5B, ZX160-6, ZX160LC-5, ZX160LC-5B, ZX160LC-6, ZX170LC-5, ZX180LCN-5, ZX190LC-6, ZX190LCN-5, ZX200-3, ZX200-5, ZX200LCX-5B, ZX200LCX-6, ZX210H-3F, ZX210H-5, ZX210K-5, ZX210LC-5B, ZX210LCH-5, ZX210LCK-5, ZX210LCN-G, ZX225USLC-5B, ZX225USLC-6, ZX225USLCK-5, ZX225USRL-5B, ZX225USRLC-5B, ZX225USRLCK-5B, ZX240-3, ZX240LCMH-5B, ZX240N-5B, ZX240N-6, ZX250H-3, ZX250H-5, ZX250K-3, ZX250K-5, ZX250L-5, ZX250LCH-5, ZX250LCK-6, ZX250LCN-6, ZX260LCH-5

Genuine Hitachi undercarriage We stock an extensive range of genuine Hitachi undercarriage for your excavator ensuring that your machine works safely and efficiently, with high levels of productivity for a lengthy period of time, and low running costs.

Key Benefits

  • Tested under the toughest conditions, they can withstand extreme stresses and will give your excavator a superior performance
  • High-quality and reliable components, developed using decades of engineering expertise
  • Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide you with peace of mind.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK)