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SKU: 4696643

Suitable For:
ZW140-5B, ZW150-5B, ZW220, ZW250, ZW250-5B, ZW370-6, ZX130-6, ZX130LC-5B, ZX135US-5B, ZX135US-6, ZX140W-5B, ZX160-5B, ZX170W-5B, ZX170W-6, ZX180-5B, ZX190W-5B, ZX210LC-6, ZX220W-5B, ZX225USLC-6, ZX250LC-7, ZX290LC(N)-5B, ZX300LC-7, ZX350LC-6, ZX350LC-7, ZX350LC(N)-5B, ZX470LC(H)-5B, ZX490LCH-6, ZX490LCH-7, ZX670-6, ZX670LCR-5B, ZX690LCH-7, ZX870LC(H)-5B, ZX890-6, ZX890LCH-7

Genuine Hitachi ENGINE OIL FILTER Designed and tested specifically for your Hitachi Zaxis Engine to ensure the highest level of filtration.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum filtration efficiency
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced downtime
  • Keeps your warranty valid

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK)