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Zaxis dash 5 new model range

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

“Ground breaking technology and super efficient hydraulic systems drives down operating costs on the Zaxis dash 5 new model range”

The all new and unique TRIAS triple pump and HIOS III hydraulic systems have delivered their promise with many owners reaping the benefits of reduced fuel consumption with increased productivity.

With our sophisticated fuel monitoring program ”MARS light” we can analyze real time data direct from the machines telemetry system ”Global E Service” and make direct comparisons with the previous model range and class of machine.

Midlands based Civil Engineering Contractor MV Kelly are already reaping the benefits and making the savings. They recently purchased their first ZX250-5 to replace a ZX250-3, and produced a report to compare both machines performance and efficiency across a 2 week period. To ensure a fair “test”, both machines were assessed based on; operating on the same site and with the same operator. The results revealed a significant saving of 3 litres of fuel, per hour using the ZX250-5 with the TRIAS pump system. To understand the impact, and based on a conservative figure of 1200 hours per year, and a cost for gas oil at 70 pence per litre, the savings could be a much as £2500 a year.

A further study of reports compiled for ZX130-3 versus ZX130-5B both in MV Kelly’s fleet showed again savings in the region of 2 litres per hour or £1680 per year. When you consider a company having a 100+ strong fleet, their savings could reach and exceed £200,000 per annum – which goes straight on the bottom line.

Not only are Civils Contractors enjoying the benefits and savings, Demolition Contractors also. National Demolition Company Hughes and Salvidge operate a large fleet of ZX470-3 excavators and again have taken delivery of their first ZX470-5. The operator reports that power and speed is on tap and they can easily use the machine in the economy power setting. A report ran on our monitoring program showed that a staggering reduction of 9 litres of fuel usage per hour is consumed on the new model – a saving of £7500 at 1200 hours annually. Even in power mode, the ZX470-5 still consumed 5 litres less per hour than the ZX470-3 machines in the same fleet, delivering a saving of £4200 per annum. The result of such savings means there is more than enough to cover all the annual servicing costs and still have change!

The results our customers are seeing are consistent across the whole of the UK – realistic fuel savings and superior performance. If you have an interest in making a saving as well as operating the world’s cleanest and most technologically advanced excavator, and would like to see how it works, please feel free to call our central service office where we will gladly run a ”MARS light” report.

Our systems and machines are so advanced they could have come from another Universe!