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Presenting the new ZX300LCN-6 super long front excavator

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hitachi Construction Machinery presents its latest development in pursuit of the ultimate excavation machine: the powerful new ZX300LCN-6 super long front medium excavator. With an extended operating range, it has been specially designed for earthmoving on dredging, bank maintenance and slope finishing projects. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of European contractors, it offers the highest level of productivity without compromising on efficiency.

Incorporating unique Hitachi technology developed specifically for the Zaxis-6 medium excavator range, the new excavator also has high-quality and durable components that contribute to its exceptional reliability. With a six-cylinder 186kW Stage IV-compliant engine, the ZX300LCN-6 super long front has the highest output in its class. It offers 14% higher productivity in PWR mode (15% in ECO mode) than the previous model. It also delivers lower fuel costs, thanks to the new TRIAS II system, which reduces total hydraulic loss.

The new machine’s advanced technology can also be found in the after-treatment device that results in fewer emissions. Noise levels are also lowered by the device, which consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst, urea mixing pipe, (selective catalytic reduction) SCR system and silencer. The SCR system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide.

The new Zaxis-6 medium excavator incorporates high-quality components such as the in-cab console, which is made of weather-resistant AES-grade resin that prevents damage from UV rays. The upper structure has high-quality sealant (around the cooling package) and acoustic materials to eliminate any deterioration caused by heat. These ensure the machine’s long-term cooling and low-noise performance.

The durability of the ZX300LCN-6 super long front has been enhanced by the enlarged track guards that reduce damage to the track link. The reconfigured lower roller ensures that mud falls out easily to prevent clogging and any subsequent damage to the oil seals. Effective cooling of engine parts is provided by the expansion tank, which is mounted on top of the cooling system, so that air can be completely removed.

Demonstrating the new model’s versatility, the tilting rotator and tilting bucket modes are included within its attachment support system. These and nine other modes can be registered on the monitor for easy fitting of attachments. Two extra spools in the control valve make it easier to install attachments that require multiple, large volumes of oil and on two-piece boom models.

Specifications ZX300LCN-6 TYPE H18LD super long front

Engine rated power (kW): 186

Operating weight: 32,700 – 33,700

Maximum digging reach (mm): 18,180

Maximum digging depth (mm): 12,550

To view the full specification of the ZX300LCN-6 TYPE H18LD super long front click here