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More and Less with the Hitachi -5?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When buying a new excavator, your wish list will probably read like this;

  • Increased performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Well now, with all new, revolutionary Hitachi -5 range you can, and here’s how…

Designers at Hitachi head quarters in Japan have delivered the ideal solution, they have added a third main pump providing some 30% extra flow of oil. The natural assumption is that a third pump and more flow require more energy, not so in fact. The new and unique TRIAS hydraulic system combines the use of 3 main pumps and a new main control valve.

The previous mid range machines used a twin main pump system and nine spool control valve. In simple terms to utilise both pump flows and distribute oil equally to all cylinders in combined operations many restrictions are necessary in the main control valve. The problem with restrictions is that they create a pressure loss and to compensate for the loss, more energy is required to maintain flow and combined cylinder speeds. More energy results in a higher load factor upon the engine which means more fuel burnt and increased emission’s. The TRIAS main control valve has all of the restrictions removed and with 3 additional spools now has the combined flow of 3 pumps applied to the arm and boom circuits and with very little pressure loss the load factor upon the engine is reduced.

So there we are, the Zaxis -5 range fully tier 3b compliant with enhanced productivity, improved smoothness of operation, lower emissions and a reduced load upon the engine with significant fuel savings, typically in the region of 4 – 10 lts per hour dependant upon the power setting and application. Simply world leading engineering innovation.