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HCMUK donate £1,000 to Asthma UK

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

This St​​​​​​​optober, HCMUK have donated £1,000 to Asthma UK.

Who are Asthma UK?

Lung disease is now the third most common cause of death, costing the NHS more than £9 billion every year. People living with lung conditions are often overlooked and being left behind. Their condition isn’t accurately diagnosed at an early stage – and even when they are diagnosed, they’re not given the care they need. Asthma UK listen to people affected by lung conditions to understand their views and needs – and this informs everything they do.

Asthma UK is one of the national charities HCMUK staff voted to support in 2022. We hope that our donation can help this great charity to continue its lifesaving work.