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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Using our new mixed fleet telematics system CTFleetlink®, HCMUK has helped a customer recover machinery that was reported stolen on Monday 9th January.

The machine was fitted with a CTFleetlink® tracking device, which provided data to HCMUK via the online portal and observed by a remote support team to monitor the machine’s operational status. The GPS tracking feature was also used to see the journey of the machinery following the theft and pinpoint the exact location.

On Monday 9th January, the customer contacted HCMUK to inform them that the machine had been stolen over the weekend. It was at this moment where Gail Bell from the Product Support Department at HCMUK contacted the remote support team to assist her in recovering the machine. The team identified the machine on the system and pinpointed the GPS location using “What3Words” which in built into the CTFleetlink® portal.

The remote support team were able to advise Gail of the machine’s location, where she then informed the customer.

With the help of the police, the machine was recovered by close of business the same day!