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HCMUK act quickly to help recover stolen ZX33-6 excavator

Friday, May 27, 2022

HCMUK and ABAX have worked in partnership to recover a mutual customer’s ZX33U-6 that was reported as stolen on Tuesday the 18th of April.

The machine was fitted with an ABAX tracking device and supplies data to HCMUK and end-users through Hitachi’s ConSite Portal. ConSite is a tool which closely monitors a machine’s operational status.

The customer contacted HCMUK to ask for their assistance in recovering the machine, which is when Gail Bell from HCMUK’s Product Support department swiftly contacted ABAX, as the application programming interface (API) that pulls data into Hitachi’s Consite Portal is done once per day, whilst ABAX has access to live data from the machine.

ABAX was able to verify the tracker was still connected and reported accurate locations of the machine, which allowed HCMUK to supply the data back to the client. With the help of the police, the machine was recovered and reunited with the happy customer before 1pm on the same day it was reported as stolen! We’d like to say a big well done to Gail and ABAX for helping to recover the customer’s stolen machine in such a timely and professional manner!