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HCM UK announce the launch of the ZX26U-5 mini excavator

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) are delighted to announce the launch of the impressive new ZX26U-5 mini excavator.

The ZX26U-5 is the second smallest mini excavator in our range and has been designed to be user-friendly, offering high levels of performance, comfort and easy maintenance. Given its’ size and agility, the Zaxis-5 model can be easily transported between job sites with two additional buckets on a 3.5-tonne trailer. It is ideal for working in narrow or confined spaces, and is suitable for utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition or construction projects.

How does it compare to other mini excavators?

Outstanding Performance and Productivity

In short, it’s the performance of the ZX26U-5 that makes its stand out from our previous mini excavators of this size, with a quicker cycle time and better fuel consumption, meaning greater productivity. With improved hydraulic efficiency, the new Hitachi mini excavator can produce higher levels of productivity than previous Zaxis models, whilst only using the same amount of fuel.

The extra piping and 1-2 way selector valve further highlight the machine’s versatility, allowing for the quick replacement of attachments. The ZX26U-5 also has the smallest front swing radius (at fully offset) in its’ class, making it ideal for working in narrow job sites.

Designed for Optimum Operator Comfort

Ensuring exceptional operator comfort was a key consideration when designing the cab. The ZX26U-5 includes a wide adjustable sliding suspension seat, user-friendly controls (all within easy reach) and hydraulic pilot levers which are used to operate the front, boom swing, travel and blade.

Other key improvement in terms of comfort in the cab include the reduction in noise levels compared to previous Zaxis models and our competitors’ machines, along with an enlarged front window bringing enhanced visibility of the job site. Finally the entrance step has been lowered making it easier when climbing into the cab.

Superior Durability

Owners of the ZX26U-5 will also benefit from its enhanced durability, thanks to the addition of a range of innovative features. The front of the machine comes fitted with a boom cylinder guard and has a new V-shaped boom cylinder cover with two bolts for added durability. Furthermore, the double clamps on the piping has brought increased reliability of the piping connection which minimises oil leaks.

Easier and Lower Maintenance

Finally as part of the user-friendly design, the new ZX26U-5 comes fitted with redesigned engine and radiator covers which allow easy access. The tank cover has also been redesigned and more space around the fuel tank opening makes the new mini excavator easier to refuel, whilst the battery has been moved to the same side as the radiator for easy maintenance.

Finally, the dozer blade has been designed with openings to minimise the build-up of dirt, making it easier to remove and clean!

Joep van den Maagdenberg, Product Specialist at HCME, says: “The design of the new Zaxis-5 mini excavators is based on the concept of user-friendliness, so we believe they are ideal for first-time users of the machine, such as in the rental market, for example.

“The ZX26U-5 will be an invaluable addition to any fleet, thanks to its versatility for working on a variety of job sites with different attachments, and its impressive performance levels.”

To download ZX26U-5 brochure please click here