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CSL Groundworks Stick with Hitachi

Friday, September 09, 2016

Family business CSL Groundworks, owned and operated by Father and Son Derek and Kofi Boulton for 10 years, has further enhanced its already strong relationship with Hitachi Construction Machinery with the purchase of two new excavators.

Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, CSL Groundworks offer a wide range of clearance services to an equally wide range of clients, including everything from groundworks on a single house project, to demolition and site clearance on large housing site projects.

CSL has just completed work on a housing project in High Wycombe, involving the demolition of four old houses before cutting into a hill to make way for fourteen new houses. The project involved moving more than two thousand lorry loads of rubble and earth in a tight time-frame.

On successful completion of the project (which was both on time and on budget), CSL were awarded a similar project from the same housing developer. This project is due to start in September this year.

Winning this contract, along with strong business growth in general in recent months, necessitated the purchase of more excavators. CSL promptly placed an order with Hitachi Construction Machinery for a Hitachi ZX135US-5 excavator and a ZX225US-5 excavator. Combined with the three Hitachi excavators CSL already has in their fleet, this brings their total number of Hitachi machines to five.

When talking about their loyalty to Hitachi, Kofi Boulton, owner of CSL Groundworks, said, “We have never had a single problem with any of our Hitachi machines, their reliability is second to none.” Boulton also mentioned how popular the machines were with their drivers, many of whom had commented on the comfort of the cabs.

As well as reliable, the new Dash-5 Hitachi machines are also extremely fuel efficient in comparison to older models, thanks in large part to a new hydraulic system. This ensures that the machines have a low impact on the environment, without any negative impact on their efficiency. In fact, given the improved arm speeds and strengthened brackets on the boom end and foot, efficiency will be the least of CSL’s worries on future projects, even if their work takes them to the most rugged of environments.

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