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Types of Excavators and Their Usage

Monday, July 10, 2023

Excavators are versatile machines used to perform various tasks, including excavating, loading, lifting and hauling, on a wide range of job sites – large or small. They are one of the most common pieces of equipment found on any construction site because of their versatility. 

There are various sizes and shapes of excavators, each offering different benefits and purposes. Below is a list of some different types of excavators and their usage. 

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators, also known as mini diggers or compact excavators, are the smallest type of excavator available. Offering the same durability and reliability as its larger counterparts, the mini excavator provides additional flexibility to manoeuvre and operate in smaller work environments and for small to medium-sized projects. 

Hitachi ZE85 Mini Excavator

Medium Excavators

Often the most common type of excavator used in construction projects, medium excavators typically have a weight range of 13-35 tonnes and are suitable for all types of job sites. They also offer increased power and visibility. Medium excavators are ideal for earthmoving, whereas larger models can be used for more demanding tasks such as quarrying. 

Hitachi ZX130LCN-7 Medium Excavator

Large Excavators

Large Excavators are designed for heavier-duty applications. As such, they possess much more powerful engines than medium excavators and are suitable for work such as earthmoving, mining and quarrying. They are also commonly used in the demolition of large structures such as buildings or bridges.

Ultra Large Excavators

Ultra Large Excavators are the largest size available and are designed for projects that demand machinery with a greater capacity for excavation and loading. They are suitable for projects that require the removal of vast amounts of earth or rock, such as mining or quarrying. 

Hitachi EX2600-7 Ultra Large Excavator

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders, also known as front-end loaders, are typically used for loading and transporting heavy materials, such as soil, gravel and sand. The bucket sizes on a wheel loader allow for a large capacity, making them an effective machine for clearing debris in any environment. Wheel loaders are faster than a crawler when operated on a smooth, hard surface.

Hitachi ZW180-7 Wheel Loader

Wheeled Excavators

As the name suggests, a wheeled excavator operates with wheels instead of tracks. They are ideal for working on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. They are therefore commonly used in road building and maintenance. Wheeled excavators are not suited for sites with soft soil or hills and slopes. 

Hitachi ZX135W-7 Wheeled Excavator

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