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5 Things To Look For When Buying an Excavator

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

There are various things to consider when it comes to buying an excavator. The purpose or application of the excavator is a key consideration as this will dictate which model is best suited, whether that be a wheeled or tracked excavator. Likewise, it’s important to match the size of the excavator to the size of the job at hand. 

Choosing a piece of equipment that’s too small can be a costly mistake! The budget also has a role to play in the decision-making process, price varies depending on size and model, which can also determine whether you opt for a new or used excavator.

What will you need the excavator for?

These highly reliable and durable pieces of equipment come in different sizes and models, each suited to different tasks and project demands. Identifying the most suitable excavator for the project demands will help to ensure your project is completed efficiently and avoid any costly aftermath. A number of factors may affect the suitability of the size or model of the equipment, such as its digging depth, lifting capacity and hydraulic attachments.

What excavator size do I need?

Choosing the right size of excavator is essential. Different-sized excavators are suited to different tasks and environments, identifying this before will help to ensure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Mini excavators are designed for small or residential spaces whereas larger models are perfect for more demanding and labour-intensive projects.

Wheeled Excavator vs Tracked: What’s the Difference?

Wheeled excavators and tracked excavators are both extremely valuable pieces of machinery, the decision mainly comes down to purpose, size, budget and environment. 

Wheeled Excavator

Offering great versatility, wheeled excavators are a brilliant addition to a number of fleets. These road-friendly excavators are best suited to flat construction sites, and offer easy manoeuvrability and speed for transporting materials, with less disruption to work grounds. 

Tracked Excavator

Tracked excavators are designed for the primary purpose of digging. Better on soft and uneven terrain they are able to tackle a variety of tasks including moving heavy materials, demolishing structures, digging, trenching and more. Available in a variety of sizes from mini excavators, perfect for working on smaller more restricted sites, to large excavators, designed for more heavy-duty and demanding tasks. 

Used or New Excavator – Why buy used when you can have new?

There are pros and cons to both buying a used excavator and buying a new excavator. Used excavators can be a far more financially viable option, however, When buying a used excavator you want to ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable company. When purchasing a Hitachi excavator from HCMUK, new or used, you can be guaranteed you will receive high-quality machinery. 

Used Excavators


The price of purchasing a used excavator is marginally cheaper than buying a new excavator. The reduction in the cost of buying a used excavator will also allow you to buy a higher-end excavator whilst staying within your budget.

Replacement Parts

Getting replacement parts for your used excavator, especially if it’s an older model, can sometimes present a challenge, as they may no longer be readily available. At Hitachi, we offer a wide range of parts for both our new and used excavators.


Before purchasing a used excavator you should check for any leaks in the hydraulics. If found, the leaks will need to be repaired to ensure the safe and continued operation of the excavator.

Log Hours

It’s important that an excavator’s log hours are used correctly, so this will need to be checked before buying a used excavator. 

New Excavators

Operator comfort is key to ensuring higher productivity. All of our Hitachi excavators offer comfort and quality, with low noise levels. Various models come with different features to boost operator comfort, browse through our range today.

Operator comfort equals higher productivity

Tracking Your Machine

All Hitachi excavators are now equipped with CESAR, the official construction equipment security and registration system, as standard. Every new Hitachi excavator and wheel loader will be registered and protected by the CESAR Scheme and will be permanently fitted with two unique and highly visible triangular identification plates, which are tamper evident and contain a unique Datatag® transponder.

When purchasing a Hitachi excavator you know that you will be receiving the highest quality machinery. Browse through our range of new and used tracked and wheeled excavators today.

To enquire about any of our new or used machinery please get in touch!