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What is ConSite Oil?

ConSite Oil is a unique innovation from Hitachi that continuously monitors the quality of the engine and hydraulic oil in your Hitachi excavator.

It can check for early signs of deterioration or contamination and give a highly accurate estimation

How does it work?

Two sensors located in the excavator monitor the oil continuously 24/7 and can detect changes in four parameters: temperature, density, viscosity and dielectric properties.

These sensors can auto-diagnose deterioration caused by oxidation or abnormal kinetic viscosity; or contamination with water, soot or fuel dilution.

Data is sent from the sensors via GPRS to Hitachi’s online fleet management system, Global e-Service (and its applications, Owner’s Site and ConSite). You can access detailed oil sensor graphs on Owner’s Site, showing levels of viscosity, deterioration and contamination, and oil replacement timing.

What happens next?

If a sudden change to the oil condition is detected, you and your authorised Hitachi dealer will receive an alert via email or the ConSite Pocket app. If a minor abnormality is detected, your dealer will discuss this with you. The cause can be quickly identified, and small faults can be fixed by a technician on site.

Continuous oil monitoring increases the availability of your machine due to planned preventative maintenance, and prevents costly and unscheduled repairs. It provides you with peace of mind that your machine is in optimum condition, and it will have an extended lifetime and a higher residual value, as well as a lower total cost of ownership.

Benefits of ConSite Oil

  • Early detection of oil deterioration or contamination.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and minimal downtime.
  • Peace of mind and a higher resale value.
  • Enhanced reliability and maximum availability.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Access detailed oil sensor graphs in e-Service showing levels of viscosity, deterioration, contamination and oil replacement timing.

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