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105 kw
Net Power
14,600 – 16,900 kg
Operating Weight
0.19 – 0.66 m3
Bucket ISO Heaped
4,610 – 5,520 mm
Max Dig Depth

Hitachi ZX140W-6

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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 105 kw
  • Operating Weight: 14,600 – 16,900 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.19 – 0.66 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 4,610 – 5,520 mm
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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 105 kw
  • Operating Weight: 14,600 – 16,900 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.19 – 0.66 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 4,610 – 5,520 mm

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Developed using the same high quality components and materials as the market leading Hitachi tracked excavators, the robust features of the ZX140W-6 ensure its reliability even in challenging working environments, while the HIOS IV hydraulic system provides a smooth, fast and precise performance.  Ideal for working on roads and surfaces that can be damaged by crawler excavators, the ZX140W-6 can be used for smaller tasks in a supporting role on large sites, while being versatile enough to be the primary machine for smaller operations.


Deutz TCD4.1L4
4-cycle water-cooled, 4 cylinder common rail direct injection diesel engine
Rated power
ISO 14396

105 kW at 2,000 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque
550 Nm at 1,600 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement
4.038 L
Bore and stroke
101.0 mm x 126.0 mm
2 x 12 V / 93 Ah
Hydraulic System
Main System:
Maximum Oil Flow

2 x 117 L/min
Pilot Pump:
Maximum Oil Flow

23.4 L/min
Relief Valve Settings:
Implement Circuit
Swing Circuit
Travel Circuit
Pilot Circuit
Power Boost

34.3 MPa
32.3 MPa
35.3 MPa
3.9 MPa
36.3 MPa
Drive, Swing and Dig
Travel Speeds:

0 – 35 km/h
0 – 8.6 km/h

11.9 min-1
34 kNw
Max Digging Depth

4,610 – 5,520 mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank
250.0 L
Engine coolant
22.7 L
Engine oil
11.5 L
Swing device
6.2 L
2.5 L
Hydraulic system
177.0 L
Hydraulic oil tank
84.0 L
26.0 L

Designed with you in mind...

  • Easily accessible ISO-standard ROPS-compliant centre pillar reinforced structure cab (CRES V) giving additional legroom and rigidity to the machine, with enhanced safety for the operator.
  • A new larger and efficient Stage IV-compliant engine giving 9% higher productivity than the previous model with the same level of fuel consumption.
  • Solid and reliable undercarriage, modular in design.
  • Hose rupture valves to the boom and dipper rams prevents the boom and dipper from dropping in the event of a hose rupture. Offering additional safety and compliance on job sites.
  • Integrated transmission axle for efficient power transmission.
  • Grease filled track chains for longer life.
  • Tungsten carbide coated dipper end and bucket push link for wear resistance through the life of the machine.
  • Computer data logging system for operational data for both customer and dealer use, for example engine start times and fuel usage.
  • Standard 4-digit ‘Thatcham approved’ engine immobiliser security system
  • Remote monitoring with Hitachi Global E-Service, including access to machine location via GPS, current machine hours, machine history, maintenance information and alarm and fault history. Including a consolidated monthly report direct to your in-box (Consite).
  • SCR and DPF after-treatment systems that results in fewer emissions and a quieter performance.
  • In-cab console is made of weather-resistant material to prevent damage from UV rays to maintain appearance for longer.
  • LED tail lights in the counterweight for easy maintenance.
  • Can be used with a variety of attachments.
  • Full manufacturers warranty.
  • Excellent residual values, with a worldwide after sales and service support network.
  • The HIOS IV hydraulic system produces class leading efficient swing, boom lowering, arm and bucket roll-out, and also results in reduced fuel consumption and running costs.
  • Easy access cab with fully adjustable heated air suspension seat, and spacious legroom provides a comfortable working environment.
  • The power-boost feature has 10% more capacity than the previous model, increasing the capability of the machine to deliver an enhanced level of excavating performance and lifting power.
  • Acceleration increased by 35% compared to the previous model.
  • Air Conditioning as standard, improving operator comfort.
  • Multi-function LCD monitor with a large seven-inch screen positioned within the right column provides a wide range of technical information, including machine’s status and settings with multi-lingual support in up to 32 languages.
  • The monitor and ergonomically designed switches have been grouped together within easy reach of the operator’s right hand, and a small steering column increases visibility.
  • Rotary tilt and tilt modes are included within the attachment support system. Plus there are nine other modes that can be registered on the monitor for the easy fitment of attachments to increase versatility.
  • Rear view camera
  • 500 hour servicing, featuring remotely positioned engine oil and fuel filters accessible from ground level.
  • A lightweight split type-engine cover that opens widely providing easy access to the engine and after-treatment devices for routine maintenance.
  • The main fuel filter screws into place making it easier to replace and ensures that dust is prevented from entering the fuel circuit during routine maintenance procedures.
  • The expansion tank is mounted on top of the engine’s cooling system, meaning air can be completely removed and prevents the engine parts from overheating.
  • A high performance water separator and cold fuel resistance valve are integrated into the pre-filter for added protection against condensation.
  • The reliability of the hydraulic system has been enhanced due to a rubber hose fitted with a flange being incorporated into the design of the hydraulic return pipes, which reduces the risk of oil leaks.

Comprehensive Support as Standard

Support Chain

At Hitachi we aim to help keep your investment operating safely and in peak performance at all times, to minimise downtime and protect the high residual value associated with the Hitachi product. The services, facilities and products available through the Hitachi Support Chain will help to achieve this, keeping your machine working at its maximum potential.

Fleet management

Hitachi utilizes sophisticated on-board monitoring technology to collect vital, real time data for efficient operation of your machine, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and idling time.

And now with CONSITE the revolutionary new complimentary customer support tool from Hitachi, a consolidated report can be delivered straight to your inbox.

Peace of Mind

When purchasing a technologically advanced Hitachi product, you can buy safe in the knowledge that your purchase can be backed by an optional unique service and extended warranty program – SOLAS:

  • ervice by Hitachi trained engineers
  • nly genuine and approved parts
  • ife of contract annual inspections
  • ll-round cover
  • econd-hand value enhancement with full dealer service history

When purchasing machinery and equipment for construction projects, it always pays to have a solid financial foundation. Whatever your needs – new or used equipment, a single unit or an entire fleet – you can find flexible finance solutions from Hitachi Capital that will help you to meet your business needs.

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