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232 kw / 311 hp (ISO 14396)
Net Power
24,140 – 24,400 kg
Operating Weight
3.2 – 4.5 m3
Bucket ISO Heaped
19,170 kg
Static Tipping Load

Hitachi ZW310-6

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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 232 kw / 311 hp (ISO 14396)
  • Operating Weight: 24,140 – 24,400 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 3.2 – 4.5 m3
  • Static Tipping Load: 19,170 kg
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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 232 kw / 311 hp (ISO 14396)
  • Operating Weight: 24,140 – 24,400 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 3.2 – 4.5 m3
  • Static Tipping Load: 19,170 kg

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With a large bucket capacity, the Hitachi ZW310-6 is ideal for loading and carrying in quarries, waste handling applications and road construction projects. The quick power switch increases engine output when more power is instantly required or when driving uphill, and the traction force has been increased by 25% for easier loading.  Visibility has been enhanced by a curved rear engine hood as well as the rear-view camera, combined with 360° visibility from the cab, its one of the safest models in the industry.  The ZW310-6 is also incredibly durable, thanks to the robust frame, powerful engine and high-quality radiators and components.


Cummins QSL9
4-cycle water-cooled, 6 cylinder direct injection diesel engine
Turbocharger and intercooled
DOC and SCR system
Rated power
ISO 14396

232 kW / 311 hp at 1,600 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque
1,451 Nm at 1,400 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement
8.9 L
Bore and stroke
114 mm x 145 mm
2 x 12 V
Air Cleaner
Two element dry type with restriction indicator
Complies with EU Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4 Final
Torque converter, countershaft type powershift with computer-controlled automatic shift and manual shift features included
Torque converter
Three element, single stage, single phase with lock up clutch
Main Clutch
Wet hydraulic, multi-disk type
Cooling method
Forced circulation type
Travel speed*
6.6 / 6.6 km/h (6.9 /6.9 km/h)
11.3 / 11.3 km/h (11.8 / 11.8 km/h)
22.2 / 22.2 km/h (22.2 / 22.2 km/h)
35.7 km/h (35.9 km/h)

* With 26.5 R25 (L3) tires
( ): Data at Power Mode
Tyres, Brakes and Steering
26.5R25 (L3)
Service Brakes:

Parking Brakes:
Inboard mounted fully hydraulic 4 wheel wet disc brake. Front & rear independent brake circuit

Spring applied hydraulically released, located in transmission
Steering system
Steering angle:
No. x Bore x stroke:

Articulated frame steering
Each direction 37 degrees ; total 74 degrees
Double-acting piston type
2 x 90mm x 450mm
Hydraulic System
Arm controls
Four position valve ; raise, hold, lower, float
Bucket controls
Three position valve ; roll back, hold, dump
Main Pump:
Maximum Oil Flow
Maximum pressure

300 L/min at 2,000 min-1
31.4 MPa
No. x Bore x Stroke
Double acting
Arm : 2 x 145mm x 884mm
Bucket : 1 x 180mm x 525mm
Hydraulic cycle times:
Lift arm raise
Lift arm lower
Bucket dump

5.6 s (5.5 s)
4.1 s (4.1 s)
1.2 s (1.2 s)
10.9 s (10.8 s)

( ): Data at Power Mode
Service Capacities
Fuel tank
375 L
Engine coolant
47 L
Engine oil
24 L
Torque converter & transmission
51 L
Front axle differential & wheel hubs
48 L
Rear axle differential & wheel hubs
48 L
Hydraulic oil tank
137 L
DEF/Adblue tank
35 L

Designed with you in mind...

  • New Stage IV-compliant engine contains a high-volume cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, a common rail-type fuel injection system and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The non-use of DPF further reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • A 6% fuel saving during V-shaped loading operation (5% load & carry) compared to previous model, with no loss in productivity.
  • Lock-up transmission available as standard further reduces fuel consumption on loading and carrying applications.
  • Quick power switch increases engine output when more power in required instantly or when going up hill.
  • Class leading build quality.
  • Front lift arm has a thicker cross tube to provide more strength against torsion.
  • A parallel lift arm provides parallel movement from ground level. Perfect for loading and unloading items with increased load control.
  • The speed of the lift arm has been improved and it lowers smoothly for increased productivity. Its easy to control using the auto leveller and anti-drift system.
  • A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide from emissions. This cutting-edge technology not only helps the environment, but also complies with EU Stage IV emission regulations.
  • Low-noise engine results in a quieter performance, making it suitable for working in urban areas.
  • Optional auto shutdown feature helps to prevent fuel wastage, as well as reduce noise levels, exhaust emissions and CO2 level.
  • Optional belly guard protects the machine’s powertrain and driveshaft from potential damage caused by materials on the ground.
  • High quality radiators improve resistance to corrosion and enhance the overall durability.
  • Newly designed rear grill prevents material for a job site entering the radiator compartment.
  • Reversible cooling fan that can be activated manually every 30 minutes, ensures that the radiator stays clean during operation.
  • Remote monitoring Global e-Service to monitor machine remotely via Owner’s Site (24/7 online access) and ConSite (an automatic monthly report). These help to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime and improve overall performance.
  • Full manufacturers warranty.
  • Good residual values, with a worldwide after sales and service network.
  • The spacious cab creates with air suspension seat provides a comfortable working environment, while the 360° panoramic view helps to increase safety and productivity.
  • User-friendly operation and wide view mirrors for increased visibility.
  • A rear-view camera contributes to excellent all-round visibility and safety on the job site.
  • Sound insulation significantly reduces noise levels and provides a quieter working environment.
  • To ensure a smooth drive on all kinds of terrain, the ride control feature prevents unnecessary pitching via the movement of the lift arm cylinders.
  • Optional joystick steering system enables high levels of productivity with effortless steering, and incorporates a number of useful functions.
  • Different lever control available to suit operator preference.
  • The simultaneous movement of the bucket and lift arm ensures a smooth digging operation. To reduce the shock that occurs when the lift arm comes to a halt, a smart hydraulic valve controls the flow in the lift arm circuit.
  • A multifunctional LCD colour monitor displaying useful information at a glance, such as fuel and urea levels, oil temperature and power mode. It also includes the display for the easy-to-use rear-view camera, which enhances visibility for a safe operation.
  • Excellent rear view due to the curved engine hood.
  • Several storage compartments within the cab.
  • The engine air filter is located to the rear of the engine compartment, providing easier access at ground level for maintenance, with the urea tank also positioned for convenience.
  • Easy to open wide engine covers and easily accessed battery compartment.
  • Battery disconnect switch included as standard. Helping to avoid electrical accidents and retain battery power during long-term storage.
  • Auto reverse radiator to reduce build-up of debris in the cooling system.

Comprehensive Support as Standard

Support Chain

At Hitachi we aim to help keep your investment operating safely and in peak performance at all times, to minimise downtime and protect the high residual value associated with the Hitachi product. The services, facilities and products available through the Hitachi Support Chain will help to achieve this, keeping your machine working at its maximum potential.

Fleet management

Hitachi utilizes sophisticated on-board monitoring technology to collect vital, real time data for efficient operation of your machine, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and idling time.

And now with CONSITE the revolutionary new complimentary customer support tool from Hitachi, a consolidated report can be delivered straight to your inbox.

Peace of Mind

When purchasing a technologically advanced Hitachi product, you can buy safe in the knowledge that your purchase can be backed by an optional unique service and extended warranty program – SOLAS:

  • ervice by Hitachi trained engineers
  • nly genuine and approved parts
  • ife of contract annual inspections
  • ll-round cover
  • econd-hand value enhancement with full dealer service history

When purchasing machinery and equipment for construction projects, it always pays to have a solid financial foundation. Whatever your needs – new or used equipment, a single unit or an entire fleet – you can find flexible finance solutions from Hitachi Capital that will help you to meet your business needs.

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