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34.1 kw
Net Power
6,170 – 6,600 kg
Operating Weight
0.24 m3
Bucket ISO Heaped
3,770 – 4,120 mm
Max Dig Depth

Hitachi ZX65USB-5A

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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 34.1 kw
  • Operating Weight: 6,170 – 6,600 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.24 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 3,770 – 4,120 mm
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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 34.1 kw
  • Operating Weight: 6,170 – 6,600 kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.24 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 3,770 – 4,120 mm

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Fitted with the unique Hitachi Pilot Control System, the ZX65USB-5 provides excellent control and low effort handling to reduce operator fatigue. A multifunctional LCD monitor with large 3.5inch screen is positioned within easy reach of the operator and allows selection of ECO and PWR modes to control motion speed. All maintenance covers are wide opening for quick access to service points, allowing efficient daily inspections and consumable parts replacement, and a refueling port is placed inside the cover to avoid dirt entry and fuel theft.


Yanmar 4TNV94L-ZWHB
4-cycle water-cooled, 4 cylinder direct injection diesel engine
Rated power
ISO 9249

34.1 kW at 2,000 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque
204 Nm at 1,000 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement
3.053 L
Bore and stroke
94 mm x 110 mm
1 x 12 V / 92 Ah
Hydraulic System
Main System:
Maximum Oil Flow

1 x 144 L/min
Pilot Pump:
Maximum Oil Flow

10.4 L/min
Relief Valve Settings:
Implement Circuit
Swing Circuit
Travel Circuit
Pilot circuit

24.5 MPa
19.6 MPa
25.7 MPa
3.9 MPa
Drive, Swing and Dig
Travel Speeds:

0 – 4.2 km/h
0 – 2.5 km/h

9.5 min-1
11.0 kNw
Max Digging Depth

3,770 – 4,120 mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank
120.0 L
Engine coolant
7.4 L
Engine oil
11.2 L
Travel device (each side)
0.9 L
Hydraulic system
108.0 L
Hydraulic oil tank
60.0 L

Designed with you in mind...

  • The rugged cab is designed to ROPS standard and fitted with flat easy replicable glass.   A seatbelt, pilot control shut-off lever, swing parking brake and travel parking brake are all standard.
  • When moving the control lever to neutral, the auto idle automatically reduces engine speed to idling level four seconds later. This combined with the ECO mode and electric governor features significantly reduce fuel consumption. It also brings the additional benefits of lower noise levels and emissions.
  • Hose rupture valves to the boom and dipper prevents the boom and dipper from dropping in the event of a hose rupture. Offering additional safety and compliance on job sites.
  • Stack muffler fitted on the rear of the cab results in quieter operation.
  • Box sectioned rigid frame blade and short pilot shut off valve provide added durability.
  • Valve for extra piping.
  • Can be used with a variety of attachments.
  • Full manufacturers guarantee.
  • Excellent residual values, with a worldwide after sales network.
  • HN Bushings are used at all pin joints at the front of the machine and the blade. The lubrication intervals have been extended to 500 hours, contributing to reduced wear of the pins and bushes.
  • Short rear-end swing radius provides additional flexibility to manoeuvre and operate within tight, confined spaces. Easy trench excavation work is possible near walls, foundations and other obstacles – improving productivity in urban areas.
  • High machine performance is provided by the Hitachi closed centre load sensing hydraulic system. The HHH (Hitachi High-performance Hydraulic) system allows for smooth multi-function operation, regardless of the load.
  • The easy access cab with wide, adjustable, sliding and reclining suspension seat, enhanced armrest and folding foot pedals provide a comfortable working environment. The enlarged front window and door contribute to this further, while enhancing visibility.
  • Air Conditioning as standard, improving operator comfort and reducing operator exposure to dust and fatigue.  Plus additional vents maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • A large 3.5-inch multifunctional LCD monitor that is easy to view in bright sunlight or at night enables the machine’s technical data to be viewed at a glance, including status and settings, and is positioned within easy reach of the operator’s right hand.
  • The auto speed change system shifts down travel speed when the load exceeds a certain limit (for instance, when going downhill), and shifts up when the load is less. This gives smoother operations when dozing and turning, and also reduces track wear.
  • Neutral engine start system disables engine starting unless the lever is in lock position.
  • Powerful, large exhaust capacity 3-cylinder engine, giving substantial power for large excavating jobs.
  • Hydraulic pilot type control levers.
  • Wide opening steel inspection covers offer easy access to service points, allowing for quick daily inspection, servicing, cleaning and refueling, with the radiator and oil coolers positioned side by side for convenience. An optional tilting device for the floor of the cab provides even greater access for service and maintenance procedures.
  • Storage of the bucket cylinder hose in the arm, complete with protective guard prevents damage.
  • The battery is positioned on the same side as the radiator for easy maintenance.
  • The engine cover slides open vertically to allow easy access in tight spaces.

Comprehensive Support as Standard

Support Chain

At Hitachi we aim to help keep your investment operating safely and in peak performance at all times, to minimise downtime and protect the high residual value associated with the Hitachi product. The services, facilities and products available through the Hitachi Support Chain will help to achieve this, keeping your machine working at its maximum potential.

Peace of Mind

When purchasing a technologically advanced Hitachi product, you can buy safe in the knowledge that your purchase can be backed by an optional unique service and extended warranty program – SOLAS:

  • ervice by Hitachi trained engineers
  • nly genuine and approved parts
  • ife of contract annual inspections
  • ll-round cover
  • econd-hand value enhancement with full dealer service history

When purchasing machinery and equipment for construction projects, it always pays to have a solid financial foundation. Whatever your needs – new or used equipment, a single unit or an entire fleet – you can find flexible finance solutions from Hitachi Capital that will help you to meet your business needs.

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