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Net Power
49,300 – 51,200kg
Operating Weight
1.30 – 2.50 m3
Bucket ISO Heaped
5,790 – 7,770mm
Max Dig Depth

Hitachi ZX490LCH-6

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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 270kw
  • Operating Weight: 49,300 – 51,200kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.30 – 2.50 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 5,790 – 7,770mm
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  • Specifications
  • Net Power: 270kw
  • Operating Weight: 49,300 – 51,200kg
  • Bucket ISO Heaped: 1.30 – 2.50 m3
  • Max Dig Depth: 5,790 – 7,770mm

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Designed and engineered for large construction projects and quarries, the ZX490LCH-6 offers enhanced durability, with strengthened components and features.  While the selectable hydraulic functions for increased breakout force give greater productivity.


Isuzu AQ-6UZ1X
4-cycle water-cooled, common rail direct injection
Variable geometry turbocharged, intercooled, cooled EGR
After Treatment
DOC and SCR system
No. of cylinders
Rated power
ISO 14396
ISO 9249
SAE J1349
270 kW at 2 000 min-1
270 kW at 2 000 min-1
270 kW at 2 000 min-1
Maximum torque
1 435 Nm at 1 500 min-1
Piston displacement
9.839 L
Bore and stroke
120 mm x 145 mm
2 x 12 V / 170 Ah
Hydraulic System
Main System:
Maximum Oil Flow
2 x 400L/min
Pilot Pump:
Maximum Oil Flow
Relief Valve Settings:
Implement circuit
Swing circuit
Travel circuit
Pilot circuit
Power boost
31.9 MPa
35.3 MPa
28.4 MPa
3.9 MPa
35.3 MPa
Drive, Swing and Dig
Travel Speeds:
0 – 5.5km/h
0 – 3.9 km/h
9.5 min-1
Bucket Digging Force ISO
Max Digging Depth
295 - 296kN
5,790 – 7,770mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank
675.0 L
Engine coolant
62.0 L
Engine oil
41.0 L
Swing device (each side)
6.5 L
Travel device (each side)
11.0 L
Hydraulic system
510.0 L
Hydraulic oil tank
310.0 L
DEF/AdBlue® tank
95.0 L

Designed with you in mind...

  • HIOS 111B hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and increases productivity
  • 5% fuel saving in Eco mode (3% in HP) without any loss in productivity (compared to previous model)
  • Boom and front attachment reinforced with thicker plates
  • Fail safe components protect again extreme temperatures
  • Remote monitoring with Global e-service, helping to maximize efficiency and overall performance, while minimizing downtime
  • Hitachi SCR System injects Urea into the exhaust gas to reduce NOx and emissions
  • 95% of resin parts can be recycled
  • improved new injector increases the reliability of the engine
  • Easy and secure transportation due tie down hooks
  • Superior weather resistance maintains the cab’s internal appearance for longer
  • Full manufacturers guarantee
  • Large reflector enhances low light and night time visibility, enabling the machine to work safely for longer periods of time
  • Boom load switch can be selected for power or comfort depending on the task
  • Seven inch multifunction LCD monitor displaying the machines status, including engine oil and coolant levels (available in 31 languages)
  • Attachment replacement support system allows for the easy fitment of attachments, increasing the number of tasks the machine can carry out
  • Attachments are protected during installation by the electronically controlled pressure adjustment feature
  • Minimal blind spots improve visibility
  • TOPS, ROPS and CRES safety regulation compliant air conditioned cab
  • Pressurised cab suppresses the penetration of air and dust
  • Spacious cab
  • Fully adjustable air suspension seat
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Temperature controlled drinks holder
  • High performance water separator integrated into the pre-filter for protection against condensation
  • Aluminum used for radiator, oil cooler, water cooler, air cooler and fuel cooler to protect against corrosion
  • The engine oil and coolant levels can be checked from the cab
  • Reversible fan reduces debris build up
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Expansion tank prevents engine parts from overheating
  • Easy access for fuel filter replacement

Comprehensive Support as Standard

Support Chain

At Hitachi we aim to help keep your investment operating safely and in peak condition at all times, to minimise downtime and protect the high residual value associated with the Hitachi product. The services, facilities and products available through the Hitachi Support Chain will help to achieve this, keeping your machine working at its maximum potential.

Fleet Management

Hitachi utilizes sophisticated on-board monitoring technology to collect vital, real time data for efficient operation of your machine, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and idling time.

And now with CONSITE the revolutionary new complimentary customer support tool from Hitachi, a consolidated report can be delivered straight to your inbox.

Peace of Mind

When purchasing a technologically advanced Hitachi product, you can buy safe in the knowledge that your purchase can be backed by an optional unique service and extended warranty program – SOLAS:

  • ervice by Hitachi trained engineers
  • nly genuine and approved parts
  • ife of contract annual inspections
  • ll-round cover
  • econd-hand value enhancement with full dealer service history

When purchasing machinery and equipment for construction projects, it always pays to have a solid financial foundation. Whatever your needs – new or used equipment, a single unit or an entire fleet – you can find flexible finance solutions from Hitachi Capital tailored to your business requirements.

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