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Hitachi utilises sophisticated on-board monitoring technology to collect vital, data for the efficient operation of your machine, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and idling time.

For a consolidated monthly operational report directly from Hitachi straight to your inbox, register for Consite, the revolutionary new service tool from Hitachi.  For further information please contact your Product Support Manager.

The information ConSite provides on machine usage is intended to help you with maintenance planning.  Ultimately providing you with confidence in your Hitachi construction equipment and peace of mind to focus on other areas of your business.

Your ConSite data report is sent directly to your inbox once a month, providing detailed analysis of operational data, ratios and hours for each of your Hitachi machines.  The report includes monthly statistics on the operating mode ratio, highlighting a comparison with the previous month for fuel consumption and efficiency, as well as CO2 emissions.  The monthly and total number of hours are divided for front, swing, travel and attachment operations, assisting in assessing the actual usage of your machine and maintenance planning.

The monthly analysis of these variables is compared to the total lifetime of the machine in a user-friendly chart.  Your Hitachi machine’s performance can then be compared against the monthly average performance of the same model of Hitachi machines in your region.  In the unlikely event of a fault, ConSite sends an alarm report to enable you and us to respond quickly in order to minimise unscheduled downtime.

Sign up today by calling 0191 430 8400 or contact to your local Product Support Manager

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