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Picture of FUEL PRE
Picture of FUEL PRE Picture of FUEL PRE

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Products specifications

Suitable for

ZX110(M)-3, ZX120-3, ZX130-3, ZX130K-3, ZX130LCN-3, ZX135US(K)-3, ZX140W-3, ZX145W-3, ZX160LC-3, ZX170W-3, ZX180LC(N)-3, ZX190W-3, ZX200(LC)-3, ZX210-3, ZX210(LC)H-3, ZX210(LC)K-3, ZX210N-3, ZX210W-3, ZX225US-3/ZX225USLC-3, ZX225USLC-3M, ZX225USR-3/ZX225USRLC-3, ZX225USRK-3/ZX225USRKLC-3, ZX240-3/ZX240LC-3, ZX240N-3, ZX250H-3/ZX250LCH-3, ZX250K-3/ZX250LCK-3, ZX250-3/ZX250LC-3/ZX250LCN-3, ZX250LC-5B/ZX250LCN-5B, ZX250W-3, ZX270-3/ZX270LC-3, ZX280LC-3/ZX280LCH-3/ZX280LCN-3, ZX290LC-5B/ZX290LCN-5B, ZX330-3/ZX330LC-3, ZX330-5B/ZX330LC-5B, ZX350H-3/ZX350LCH-3, ZX350K-3/ZX350LCK-3, ZX350N-3/ZX350LCN-3, ZX350LC-5B/ZX350LCN-5B, ZX360W-3, ZX400LCH-3/ZX400R-3, ZX450-3/ZX450LC-3, ZX450-3/ZX450LC-3, ZX450-3/ZX450LC-3, ZX450-3/ZX450LC-3, ZX470H-3/ZX470LCH-3, ZX470H-3/ZX470LCH-3, ZX470LC-5B/ZX470LCH-5B, ZX500LC-3, ZX500LC-3, ZX520LCH-3, ZX520LCH-3, ZX650(LC)-3, ZX650(LC)-3, ZX650(LC)-3, ZX650(LC)-3, ZX670LCH-3, ZX670LCH-3, ZX670LC-5B/ZX670LCH-5B, ZX670LCR-5B, ZX850(LC)-3, ZX850(LC)-3, ZX850(LC)-3, ZX850(LC)-3, ZX870(LC)H-3, ZX870(LC)H-3, ZX870LC-5B/ZX870LCH-5B, ZX870LCR-5B, ZW220, ZW250

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